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Why Military Watches Are The Best Companion For Hunters And Explorers

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Anyone who has gone into the wilderness for hunting or for exploration purposes understand why military watches are the best types of watches to take. There are many different reasons that military watches are vastly superior to plain watches when it comes to the wild. The reason behind all the differences is the same; military watches are made to survive wartime and thus are able to deliver better in rough conditions.

1) You Can See The Time When It Is Dark
There’s a good reason that military watches come with luminosity. The Luminox EVO F-117 Nighthawk Black Out Watch is a great example. The watch has black numbers on a black dial but it glows in the dark to ensure that you will be able to read the time in any condition. Why is this important? Well, when you are hunting, you do not want to alert the animals to your presence. If you are really in a dangerous area, you do not want to light yourself up and make it easier for animals to see you. Many hunters (we are talking about animals that hunt) can easily see the smallest sources of light including the one in your watch.

2) They Can Actually Survive The Abuse
If you wear a normal watch when you head out, chances are that you will return with a broken watch. Normal watches are good for normal day to day activities. When you are headed out there to the jungle or to any rough terrain, you want a watch that will be able to survive. Tactical watches are shock resistant and water resistant. You can easily drop them from considerable heights or in water without worrying. The Isobrite ISO422 Valor Series Chrono Blue Dial Tritium Watch is a good example. It has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is waterproof at the same time.

These watches have become just as important for hunters as any other hunting equipment. We would never go out hunting without them either. A good watch that can survive the tough conditions of the wilderness and tell you the time perfectly in the first look is indispensable. Almost everything that hunters and explorers use is rugged and these tactical watches are no different. A hunter’s tools are something very close to their heart and you’ll fall in love with these watches easily.