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Types of Military Watches

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Finding the highest quality military watches can be a difficult undertaking considering the vast number of choices available in the marketplace.

It may surprise you to know that there are many different types of military watches and they differ depending on the specific task you demand from them, but in general, there are three main categories of military watches.

1. The Field Watch
This type of watch has functions geared towards land operations as well as time synchronization. They are designed to be less expensive and take a lot of abuse. The primary purpose is time synchronization necessary in military exercises.

2. The Dive Watch
The dive watch is the most expensive type of military watch designed for water-based operations. These watches need to be able to withstand harsh ocean environments and utilize higher quality metals that will not corrode and are tightly sealed to prevent water entry.

3. The Pilot’s Watch
This one is for the “fly boys,” those aviators who demand the highest quality watch. These watches usually feature a chronograph, a highly visible dial, and a tachymeter.

The best manufacturers for the different types of military watches are Luminox, Traser, and ArmourLite. Luminox has developed watches for the U.S. Navy Seals as well as the U.S. Air Force. Traser is a high quality Swiss manufacturer. Lastly, ArmourLite became the first watch manufacturer to combine tritium illumination with ultra-lightweight polycarbonate construction. All of these manufacturers produce extremely high quality timepieces built to last.