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The Best Military Watch Makers

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Everyone needs change in their lives and when it comes to accessories such as watches, most people tend to get bored. However, with a military watch on your wrist, you can be sure that you would never be the victim of boredom. Military watches are rugged, durable, and contain advanced features. They are perfect if you’re an explorer, hunter, adventurer or a soldier.

Tactical watches are manufactured by many different companies, but the best ones deserve the limelight. Hence, here are the top manufacturers of military watches.

The world’s most renowned watch manufacturing company, the American firm Armourlite produces military watches under the lineup Isobrite. Isobrite tactical watches are light in weight and often dark in color. These watches have additional features such as auto LED backlight, world clock, calendar, water resistance of up to 200 meters, shock resistant, and multiple alarms. Their front glass is made of scratchproof sapphire crystal, the bands are made of plastic, and they contain tritium illumination.

Another well-known Swiss watch manufacturing firm, Traser makes high quality military watches for men and women. Their watches have fashion and style. The H3 lineup of military watches is lightweight and comfortable to wear. They have a round face with scratch resistant glass along with the functionality of displaying the date and day. The watches contain trigalight illumination with tritium-filled glass vials coated with phosphor.

The strap is made of a very high quality and fine material. Traser’s military watches have an accurate quartz movement, water resistance of up to 200 meters, and a stainless steel case which has a thickness of about 12 mm or a glass-fiber reinforced resin case.

This Swiss watch brand makes military and tactical watches for the US military including the Marines, Navy Seals, and the USAF. Their watches are different from the others because of the presence of a hydrogen isotope known as tritium; this enables their watches to have a long-term luminescence.

For example, the tritium watch Luminox Men’s 3051 Navy Seal watch has white dials with high contrast markers perfect for low light conditions. The front window is made of mineral glass and is antireflective and scratch resistant. The band is made of polyurethane. Furthermore, it has water resistance up to a depth of 200 meters.