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The Advantages of a Tactical Watch

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Tactical watches are indeed better than regular watches, but there are various reasons for that. A military watch is better because it offers more functionality than a regular watch. A normal watch serves to tell you the time and provide you with an aesthetic appeal; that is not the sole purpose of a tactical watch!

A military watch is ideal for people who love adventures, hunting trips, and those who just love to spend their time outdoors. It wouldn’t be a very good idea to wear a regular watch on such trips as they would probably break or get damaged. Here’s why tactical watches are better than regular ones.

They are Stronger and Durable
Why is the term ‘military’ associated with a military watch? This is because they are actually worn by soldiers in the army, navy men, and airforce pilots. These watches are rugged and durable and have been specially designed to survive the harshest known conditions imaginable. If you are an explorer, hunter or a hiker, a tactical watch will serve you best because it will never stop operating, despite the environment you’re in.

A military watch consists of high quality components made from fine materials. Most of them have a stainless steel, mineral glass or aluminum casing to protect the gear mechanisms, electronics, and other vital parts inside from external elements such as shocks. Furthermore, their front window is made of sapphire glass which is resistant to scratches.

The straps are made from superior quality materials as well and they don’t snap. These watches are also waterproof and they can withstand water pressure at a 200 meter depth.

They are More Functional
Can a normal watch measure the air pressure, altitude or show you the direction? Of course they don’t. On the other hand, a military watch can do all that and more; they are equipped with compasses, barometers, altimeters, weather indicators, etc.

An altimeter can help you deduce your elevation if you’re on a hill or mountaintop, a compass can aid you in navigating a dense rainforest, and a barometer can help you determine the variation in air pressure and forecast the weather.

They have Superior Illumination
The purpose of a watch is to know the time and read other important information quickly. Although a normal watch does have built-in lighting, it’s not as bright as the one in a military watch. These watches have higher contrast lighting consisting of LEDs in the back panel.

Additionally, the dials, numbers, and other figures have luminescent materials like tritium that have an everlasting glow in pitch darkness or low-light conditions. This feature is useful for soldiers particularly, because they wouldn’t like to alert the opposition of their presence by switching on an external light source. The same holds true for hunters because animals can sense the presence of light as they are quite sensitive to it.