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The 4 Most Amazing Vintage Military Watches

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Military watches are not something new or recent; they date back to the 1800s when the first tactical watch was made for sailors of the Imperial German Navy. Since then, military watches have played a vital role on the battlefield and they will continue to do so. Both the first and second world wars helped shaped the development of military watches and they were highly prized by the armed forces of all major powers in those days.

Avid watch collectors have been collecting vintage watches since decades; that includes both regular watches as well as military watches. When it comes to tactical watches, there many antique and classical military timepieces that have been created. Let’s take a look at the some of the most iconic vintage watches of all times used by militaries around the world.

1. Jaeger-LeCoultre Mark XI
This watch manufacturer has made some of the finest timepieces of all times, including the Deep Sea Alarm, Polaris, Geophysic, and the Jumbo Memovox. The Mark XI was created for the Royal Australian Air Force, but many of them were also issued to the Royal British Air Force. You can’t find many of these watches now in the market as they are rare.

Dating back to the 1950s, the Mark XI military watches feature a sturdy stainless steel case and movements which are chronometer-grade equivalent.

2. Longines Heritage 1935

Longines has been a reputed military watch manufacturer and in the 1930s, they produced the Heritage 1935 for the Czechoslovakian Air Force.

This particular watch dates back to 1938 and features a dial made of gilt enamel, modern dimensions, stylish cathedral hands, durable case with lugs that are fixed, coin edged bezel, and an internal radium triangle. Very few are available in the market.

3. Eterna
In the 1930s and 1940s, a watch producer known as Eterna also created tactical watches for the Czechoslovakian armed forces. Most of these watches were much simpler in design than the ones made by Longines.

These watches had a diameter that was 2mm less than that of a Longines, reserved numerals, less stylish hands, and a seconds hand based in the center. There was no radium triangle or a bezel present.

4. Benrus MIL-W-46374A
Built in the 1970s for the US Army, the MIL-W-46374A was created by a joint collaboration of Benrus and Westclox. These military watches were made of plastic and were created for being disposable. 

Quite simple in design, the watch consists of 7 jewels. These vintage watches are cheap, but they are extremely difficult to find, especially one in working condition.