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The 3 Most Important Things To Look For In A Military Watch

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Military watches are their own breed. Instead of focusing on just being pretty, military watches aspire to a different standard. The tactical watch category was created when armies started to request watch makers to make watches that would be useful in military operations. This led to watches that were specialized for divers, for pilots, and for rangers. Once the watch manufacturers realized how much people loved military watches they began making them available to sell. Here are the 5 things you need to look for in a military watch:

1) Readability
It is necessary for a military watch to be easily readable. This is why military watches use such high contrast color schemes. When a soldier is out in the field you do not want them to have to look closely at the watch to find out the time. You want one look to be all that is needed. If the military watch you are buying has a subdued color scheme or a fancy font that isn’t easy to read it isn’t a real military watch.

2) Durability
Military watches are notoriously durable. They are supposed to survive the actions soldiers take in military operations. This includes using a high quality glass, strap, and watch body. Anything that you have to be careful about is not a military watch. The military watches are to watches what an SUV is to a normal car. It is supposed to be rugged and is supposed to do what a normal watch cannot.

3) Special Features
Military watches also have special features depending on who they were made for. You will find many watches with extra dials denoting dates, chronographs, as well as a high amount of water resistance. There are pilot’s watches and diver’s watches with special features as well.

The most important thing about such a watch is that you should be able to tell it’s a tactical watch just by looking at it. They have a tough rugged look that goes against the ‘intricate’ aesthetic that is so popular in watches these days. You will not find too many small fonts or dials in the watches available here because that goes against the military aesthetic and make the watch hard to read in tough conditions. If you are simply going to a party you can wear a normal intricately designed watch. When you need a tough partner for an adventure, there’s nothing better than the tactical watch on your wrist.