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How to Buy a Military Watch

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Military watches provide various functionalities over normal watches and hence, they are suitable for people who love the outdoors. If you are hunter, soldier, explorer, diver or an adventurer, a tactical watch would suit you best.

There are many factors involved in purchasing a military watch. Whether you’re buying a modern day military watch or an original antique one, you need to consider the following important points. Remember that there are many copies out there too that pose as military watches, but they aren’t really.

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The Dial Should be Clearly Visible and Readable
The major purpose of a military watch is to enable you to see the time quickly at a second’s glance. On the battlefield and in harsh environments, a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Hence, it’s important to select a watch that is larger than a normal watch and has a background that is dark with light colored, high contrast numbers.

Make sure that the dials illuminate well enough in dark or low-light situations. If the watch you’re after has difficult-to-read fonts or the color scheme is dull, it is not a tactical watch.

It Should be Rugged
Another vital factor is the durability. Military watches are supposed to be utilized in war zones and survive; therefore, when you select a watch, ensure that it has a strong stainless steel, mineral glass or aluminum casing. Furthermore, such watches are heavier and they feel tough as well.

If the watch feels delicate or sensitive, you’ll most probably get ripped off. Also make sure that watch is waterproof and shockproof and that the straps are of a high quality too. The straps will normally be longer in length than that of a normal watch. Additionally, the front glass of the watch is resistant to scratches; if a scratch appears, don’t buy it as it is not a military watch.

Keep a Look out for Additional Features
Tactical watches have many advanced functionalities not present in conventional watches. This is because these watches evolved from military use and consist of useful features that will be appreciated by an avid explorer, hiker, or hunter.

When you’re buying one, look for extra features like weather indicators, barometers, altimeters, alarms, calendars, etc. If it doesn’t have them, go somewhere else because the watch you’re after is not a military watch.

A Tip
If you’re looking to purchase authentic vintage military watches that were actually used in war, you have to be extra careful as most of them are rare. There are many reproductions of the original that you can buy. An original military watch used in war will have signs of wear and tear on the case and it will have a service number engraved at the back; this number is unique because it was assigned differently to each soldier.

Therefore, look for this number. A reproduction of the original won’t have it. Also make sure that clockwork still functions.