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Beyond Time - How Military Watches Help You in a Way Normal Watches Don't

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Nearly everyone owns a normal watch-that beautiful Rolex would surely look chic and classy on your wrist. But if you happen to wear your favorite Rolex to a camping, hunting or exploring trip, you may as well say bid farewell to it. This is because a regular watch is delicate and only used as a status symbol, in addition to its timekeeping abilities.

This is where a military watch comes in; they may look a bit simple, but they are tough, durable, and rugged-perfect for an adventure in the great American wilderness or a hunting trip in the Rocky Mountains. Furthermore, these watches come with technological features that you will never find in a regular watch. Here’s why a tactical or military watch will aid you on your trip.

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They Don’t Break Down
A military watch is supposed to be used in the battlefield and as such, all of them are manufactured to survive in the worst conditions possible. When you head out in the wilderness to explore, hunt, camp, hike, etc. you need something which won’t break down. A normal watch can, on the other hand, very easily break if you drop it from a height or it can become inoperable if it falls in a lake or river.

Hence, every component of a military watch is made of superior quality materials; this includes the straps. They have stainless steel or aluminum casing along with scratch proof sapphire glasses for the front window. They are shock resistant and can survive in water up to a depth of 200 meters. Remember that when it comes to tactical watches, you have limited choices, but that’s because they are made to provide functionality over aesthetics.

They are Very Readable in Dark or Low-Light Conditions

When the sun goes down, you need adequate lighting when you’re out there in the woods, mountains or in the wilderness. Furthermore, you would want to keep track of the time as well. A normal watch doesn’t have the necessary illumination needed.

On the flipside, a military watch consists of luminescent materials embedded in the dials and numbers which glow in low-light or dark conditions. One such example is a tritium watch. Additionally, their panels are backlit and fitted with high contrast LEDs. This is important for hunters and soldiers as they wouldn’t want to alert the animals or the enemy to their presence by turning on a light source just to view the time.

Advanced Tech Can Help You in Dire Situations
Military watches are equipped with altimeters, barometers, weather indicators, and compasses to assist you in a troublesome situation. For example, the compass can help you find your way back to the camp, the weather indicator and barometer can alert you of an impending storm by measuring the change in air pressure, and an altimeter will help you determine your elevation (useful when you’re hiking).