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A Guide to Military Watches

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A military watch is very different from a conventional watch in a way that it is more durable and rugged; such watches are designed to have a tough look, just like a soldier on the battlefield. Military watches date back to the late 19 th century and have evolved ever since. Many of the tactical watches are specially produced for airforce pilots, divers, navy personnel, and the army.

However, military watches are also available to the general public and often used by explorers, hunters, and adventurers. Here’s a visual guide to military watches if you are keen on buying one.

Military Watches

Durability and Ruggedness
A military watch has a tough exterior with a case made of stainless steel, aluminum or polyurethane. It does not resemble the delicate look of a classic watch and instead, is composed of high quality glass, strong rubber straps, and a heavy body.

Furthermore, the front glass is resistant to scratches and made of sapphire crystal or quartz. Due to the hard casing, the watch is shock resistance as well. Military watches can withstand water at depths of up to hundreds of meters and even the logo of the brand is laser engraved so that it remains permanent, even during wartime.

Higher Readability
Tactical watches, unlike regular watches, do not have dull-colored or non-illuminated dials because a soldier wouldn’t have the opportunity to read time from their wristwatch on the battlefield. Hence, these watches consist of a color scheme that is of a high contrast and their fonts are large enough to enable the hunter, explorer or soldier to take a quick look at the time.

The dials usually produce a green or blue hue and are made of tritium which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. These watches also have an LED backlight with a high brightness and contrast.

Extra Features
A military watch is designed to provide additional features and functionalities that are normally not available in traditional watches. For example, a tactical watch is equipped with an electronic compass, altimeter, barometer, weather indicator, logs, calendars, chronographs, multiple alarms, different time zones, etc.