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The World’s Most Expensive Military Watches

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Military watches are generally expensive than regular watches and that’s because they are more rugged, durable, and offer a plethora of features and functionalities that normal watches don’t. However, there are tactical watches that are truly extravagant in their price.

Tactical watches history goes back to the late 1800s when the German Imperial Navy made use of the first military watch. Up till now, the most expensive military watch was sold at an astonishing price of $1.7 million. This watch was created in 1936 and was a Patek Phillipe. It has luminous Arabic numerals, dial of black lacquer, and a 55mm case.

Here are some of the other most expensive military watches:

Alpnach Mechanical Chronograph by Swiss Army Men
Featuring a black dial with luminous green markers and numerals, this military watch has been created by the Swiss Army. It has a unidirectional bezel that rotates and has a chronograph movement which is self-winding. The watch’s crystal is antireflective and scratchproof. It fetches a price of $2300.

Luminor Submersible by ACCIAIO

Consisting of a steel bezel which is brushed and a 44mm polished steel case, this tactical watch fetches a price of $7200. It is shock resistant created through the Incabloc mechanism. Its mechanical movement is automatic which is generated by 21 jewels and a balance system made of the metal Glucydur. The power reserve lasts for 42 hours and the watch has functions like time calculation.

Spitfire Chronograph by IWC

This military watch is made for pilots courtesy of the Swiss company IWC and consists of 18 carat gold. The size of the case is 43 mm and its features include automatic movement, date and day functions, and a chronograph. The band is made of original leather and the watch is resistant to water. The price is set at $24,300.

Omega Grail
Set at a staggering price of $32,778, this antique military watch designed for a pilot by the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Omega dates back to 1939. It is still in its original condition and was pre-owned. The strap is of genuine leather and the watch has a stainless steel case of size 38mm. Its features include Arabic numerals, 17 jewels, and a 12-hour dial.

U-Boat Black Swan
This military watch created by Fontana Limited is vintage and is made of 18 carat gold; the gold case has a solid diameter of 45mm. It has hands made of satin and a cup crown made of 11 carat white and black diamonds along with 18 carat gold. The diamonds and the gold were carefully and delicately placed on the case and buckle with patience and dexterity.

The total weight of gold present on this military watch is about 108.25 grams. This watch fulfills the requirements of U-boat specifications which were the most advanced submarines of the Kriegsmarine (the German Navy during the Second World War). The watch has an automatic movement and the crystal is made of sapphire which is scratch resistant.

Two of the dials are superimposed on one another and there’s also a ruby on one dial. The strap’s material is black leather alligator lined with black diamonds near the buckle. Its price? A whopping $100,000.

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