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What Makes A Military Watch Different From A Normal Watch?

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The term military watch confuses a lot of people. What makes a watch a military watch? If you are confused, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the differences you will notice.

Most military watches that you see will have a dark color scheme with bright colors used for the hands and numbers. The reason for this is simple; military watches are supposed to be very easy to read. No one wants soldiers to spend extra time trying to understand what time it is. Every military watch is easily understandable at one look. This is also what has led to the ‘military aesthetic’ which people love so much. The design looks beautiful but the primary purpose of the design is function, not beauty.

Luminous Hands and Numbers

This has almost become a norm in military watches in the past few decades and for a very good reason. You cannot have a backlitwatch for the same reason that soldiers aren’t allowed to use matchsticks or smoke out on the field; when using night vision light sources are very easily visible. Turning on your watch’s light (or lighting up a cigarette) basically means you are highlighting yourself for the enemy. Luminous tritium hands and numbers can be easily read in darkness without being visible on NVG (night vision goggles). There are many different materials used for luminosity and many different shades too. You can go with the classic green or with a more modern blue tint.

A military watch has to be tough. This includes every part of the watch. That is why the watches use a higher quality of straps and also why design choices are a bit more limited in the watches. These watches are supposed to survive war, and thus, they are made with durability in mind above most other things. If it breaks easily, it isn’t a military watch.

Military watches definitely have an aesthetic attached to them but their usefulness comes before their looks. These watches are for people who live the tough life. If you like going out on hunts or if you’re the type of person who loves tough and rugged gadgets then they are perfect for you. Most of the watches are beautiful as well but that’s never the prime directive of such a watch. These watches are here to do the tough job that normal weak watches cannot do. The fact that they look fantastic is just the cherry on top.